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Nov, 2018


Greetings from the Alfred-Lyman Little League!

There have been a couple of developments this fall that we would like to update you on.

The Future of Bernier Field

As many of you know already, on Election Day, the voters of the Town of Lyman voted 1605 to 530 to allow the Selectmen to sell the Cousens School property which includes Bernier Field.

If you would like to learn more about this issue, the following link will take you to the audio of the 10/24 Public Hearing on the question. If you don’t have time to listen to the whole 56 minutes, the part pertaining to Little League is basically from 3:35 to 7:00 in the audio:

In this audio, you hear the Selectmen pledge to renovate Chadbourne Field, by the Library, into a Little League field for us to use, “As good as the one we have now.”

Another meeting was held on Thursday, 11/8, which I was able to attend and ask some questions about the plan for Little League play at alternative fields should Bernier Field be sold. They said they do not know when the property will be sold or to whom. We could be playing on Bernier Field for the “next ten years” still, or, although unlikely, we may have to be off by April.

You will hear the Selectmen acknowledge that they know they need to do something quickly as they don’t want to see any interruption in our play. Renovating part of Bunganut Field for us was also brought into the conversation at this point as well. Please give the below audio a listen from 17:55 to 30:30:

Ultimately, it was agreed that Selectman Bill Single will form a committee comprised of a few folks from the ALLL along with himself and a few other stakeholders to put a plan together for renovating either Chadbourne or part of Bunganut Field for the Little League, looking at all the possibilities. So, we’re looking for some volunteers to serve on this joint committee with the town. Please let me know if you are interested in serving on the committee.

The Massabesic Little League?

The Alfred-Lyman LL began in 1994, when it formed out of the Shaker Valley LL. Registration numbers were strong for both organizations for many years but, for many reasons, have been slowly declining for the last decade. A quick look at our historical charter data shows the Alfred-Lyman LL chartered 22 teams in 2008. Last season, we chartered 12, from tee ball to majors. Where will the next 10 years take us?  Difficult to say, but we’d like to stay ahead of the trends rather than behind. We feel a full merger of our two neighboring leagues gives us the best chance of successfully delivering Little League baseball to the children and parents of our area for the next decade.

Here is a complete list of reasons in support of a merger:

  • The trend of declining enrollment.
  • Players from both leagues are part of the same school district and will be playing with and against current and future classmates. Parents and coaches are familiar with each other as well.
  • We can realize greater economies of scale when purchasing equipment, uniforms, supplies, and services, keeping costs down for participating families.
  • We can eliminate redundancies. Instead of two boards performing the same functions, there would just be one board.
  • In a time when finding qualified coaches and engaged volunteers is becoming more and more difficult, we would have a greater pool to choose from.
  • Flexibility of fields- as our rural towns are strapped for cash, we really don’t know if municipal fields will be available to us from one year to the next. Having more fields to choose from would help with any contingencies and allow for greater flexibility.
  • There would be less uncertainty and administrative work when combining for post-season play. It’s hard to plan for the post-season in terms of teams, coaches, and evaluations when you are unsure of receiving the proper waivers from Little League for combining.

It has been said that mergers are not between organizations, they are between people. That being the case, we feel the people of both our organizations are primed for a successful merger. All being from the same school district, coaches, parents, and players see each other quite often, in school, around town, and through other sports. We have had both informal and formal discussion of merging for quite some time now. Alfred-Lyman’s softball players started combining onto Shaker Valley regular-season teams two years ago and both baseball and softball programs began combining for post-season play two-years ago as well. Now, both leagues would like to make the move to fully merge both programs.

Each league’s board of directors have separately and unanimously approved of a merger. The combined organization would be known simply as, The Massabesic Little League.

“How will this affect me?” you may ask. If you’re not a board member, you may not notice many changes at all. As we will divide the league into two divisions for play (North for the old Shaker Valley towns, and South for the old ALLL towns), practices and home games will still be held locally as they always have been.

We will be holding a General Membership Meeting for both organizations on Sunday, November 18, at Waterboro Elementary School, at 5:00pm, to decide our future. Any local adult person actively interested in furthering the objectives of Little League may be considered a “member” and is invited to attend and participate.

More updates to come later this fall!

Thank you!

Dave Gluck
ALLL President
[email protected]

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